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Your safety passport for cosmetic ingredients & drug candidates

Insight BioSolutions


Your partner for toxicological risk assessment requests

Using our digital solutions increases the product safety and reduces the product development cost up by 30%.

Insight Biosolutions (IBS) with his expert network has developed specialized platforms for in vitro and in silico services.

IBS develops digital tools and services for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Cosmetics toxicity test


Regulatory expertise for the drafting of safety reports (CPSR and DIP)

Evaluation of the toxicological profile of ingredients / products using the IBS-INGREBASE ™ database

Toxicological prediction thanks to developed in silico models

Pharmaceutical Toxicology report


Identification and optimization of active substance by its specific binding with the biological target and by modeling

In vitro and in silico prediction of toxicological and pharmacokinetic properties

Physiological pharmacokinetic simulation 

In vitro and in silico prediction of genotoxicity

Prediction of the physico-chemical, biological, toxicological properties of molecules.

We can evaluate the toxicological profile of many compounds in a short time.

You gain in safety and in product development time.

Insight BioSolutions lab

Professional team

Insight BioSolutions (IBS) is a new company formed by expert team of Biotechnologist, Clinician and Computational Biologist Experts.

IBS team has more than 20 years of working experience in developing in vitro and in silico models for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries.

IBS has developed our scientific and business network for European market as well for emerging markets such as China, India.


Your safety passport for cosmetic ingredients & drug candidates

Insight Biosolutions applies integrated in silico artificial intelligence to the safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients and products and toxicological prediction of pharmaceutical compounds.

Our innovative solutions integrate multiple in vivo, in silico an in vitro databases to increase the specificity of the prediction. Used in the early phase, they allow for the accurate prediction of ingredient and compound toxicity risk.

cell-based toxicological test methods


Get your toxicological profiles, product information files & CPSR

In silico drug design


Discover the most advances offer in toxicological prediction, based on in silico prediction models

In vitro platform


Subscribe to our toxicology services platform. In vitro models are also available

Our specialization

In vitro Testing


In vitro testing platform & in vitro models

In silico drug design


In silico prediction of toxicity profiles

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